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Recently, the CLIMAS project presented a scientific paper titled “Framing Citizen Science for Climate Assemblies” at the SpliTech 2023 Conference, arrived at the 8th edition of the 4-day conference organised by the University of Split (FESB) in Split and Bol (island of Brac) Croatia, between June 20-23, 2023.

Find the paper here.

In the paper, the Consortium argues how citizen engagement in Citizen Science (CS) involves the active participation of individuals in scientific research, policy development, and program implementation. Nonetheless, this involvement requires technological capacity, role clarity, and effective communication for stakeholders to be involved in organizing, planning, decision-making, activity implementation, and evaluation. The authors discuss how the combination of user engagement in data science and the power of AI algorithms presents opportunities for crowd-sourced data science and collective intelligence to address significant global challenges like poverty, diseases, famines, and developmental issues.


CLIMAS is an EU-funded project that aims at creating a Toolbox to offer methodologies and guidelines for facilitators of the Climate Assemblies and for policymakers to deal with the adaptation problems. In the co-design of the Toolbox, the Consortium members apply a value-based, gender and diversity-sensitive approach.

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