Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) | Greece

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is the largest university in Greece with 86,000 under-graduate and 9,000 postgraduate students, performing research in all fields of theoretical and applied science. Since 2011, AUTh has collaborated with more than 1,900 partners for the implementation of more than 4,100 RTD projects with an overall budget of up to 180M€, and with external sources funding continually rising.

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Key societal challenges

The Citizen Science Hub of AUTH sets to address the following societal challenges:

  • Air pollution
  • Urban transport
  • Lack of green public spaces
  • Homeless population

Mission of AUTH Hub

AUTH Hub aims to contribute to high-quality services to connect science with society, including infrastructures and digital applications, and to expand and share knowledge (new courses). The Hub also strives for inspiring innovation (e.g., support start-ups) and promoting research through public and community engagement.

Objectives of AUTH Hub

The Hub will offer opportunities and resources for learning, research, and innovation, as well as raise awareness on how CS benefits science, society, the economy, and the environment. The Hub will also support participatory practices between academia and civil society, facilitate the development of new competencies and skills, and finally ensure improved transfer of knowledge and technology.


  • AUTH researchers in Data Science, Environmental Informatics, GeoInformation, and support staff from its Technology Transfer Office
  • Thessaloniki Youth Club for UNESCO
  • OK!Thess, which is Thessaloniki’s leading start-up hub and a catalyst for the growth of the local innovation ecosystem
  • Students and researchers of AUTH


The AUTH Citizen Science Hub prioritises scientific excellence & innovation as core values. It supports diversity & inclusiveness in the scientific process, as well as openness & transparency. Other core values of the Hub are responsiveness, adaptation, responsibility & accountability.


  • Co-creation
  • Networking with supporters and collaborators
  • Matchmaking
  • Training
  • Access to support infrastructure (e.g., IT services, research resources)
  • Communication and dissemination
  • Engagement of diverse parts of the community
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