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What is the Conference about?

The 1st Global Transdisciplinarity Conference started in fall 2020 with a series of virtual pre-meetings with a selected group of international scholars from diverse disciplines, linked by a strong commitment to science-society-collaboration (SSC) and knowledge integration.

Under the umbrella of systems and complexity sciences these pre-conferences brought together a core group of researchers interested in social transformation, innovation, and the role of academia and institutions of higher education in the transition towards a fair and sustainable global human-environment coupled system under the One Health-paradigm.

Why is the event relevant to INCENTIVE?

In INCENTIVE, higher educational institutions are the protagonist and main driver of institutional change towards grounding RRI principles through the institutionalization of Citizen Science Hubs. Four universities across Europe will, for the first time, co-create and sustain their own Hub, which will bring together scientists, citizens, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to achieve inclusive and more open scientific structures. As such, the Conference can offer important insights on how academia and educational institutions can become a societal tool for achieving open science and sustainability.

Who can attend, and how?

The main conference will be held in fall 2021 in Krems an der Donau (Austria) at Danube University as well as its surroundings in the World Heritage Region of Wachau. It will be an intense, three-day working (27-29 September) and networking experience designed to both give space for individual exchange as well as to building a common understanding of the possibilities, challenges, and advances in the field of Science Society Collaboration.

However, given the ongoing pandemic and the need to attract individuals that will not be able to attend in person, the conference is set up as a hybrid event. The conference will be streamed online, giving tele-participants an opportunity to contribute and benefit from it.

Information and pre-registration

If you want to learn more about the overall approach to transdisciplinarity and Science Society Collaboration in general download the info cache.

Moreover, pre-registration to the Conference is currently open. You can pre-register under the following link:

Please consider pre-registering as early as possible.

Note: Timeslots of the Conference are indicative. The actual timeslots are not available yet.

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