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The Department of UTM Library, University of Technology of Malaysia, is excited to extend its invitation to participate in the upcoming virtual International Symposium on Citizen Science with the theme Citizen Science: Empowering Communities through Innovative Solutions” on 2nd – 3rd October 2023.

One of the main objectives of this symposium is to provide exposure to the participants on Open Science and Citizen Science initiatives, through knowledge sharing and best practices from various organisations. Simultaneously, the symposium aims to turn the library into a central hub for Citizen Science endeavours, facilitating connections between researchers and the community.

Please find attached the symposium poster for your reference. If you have any special requirements or enquires, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Head of International Relations, Syahranah Ahmad Raqi: [email protected]

To confirm participation, participants need to register by the 28th of September 2023 (normal/group) through the provided registration link here.

The Department is looking forward to your valuable participation and to welcoming you to the event!

You can find the panelists for the first day here and for the second day here.

Registration fees can be found here.

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