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The INCENTIVE project aims to support research institutes on how to create and operate their own Citizen Science Hub with the aim to secure a democratic and collaborative way of doing research and setting research agendas.

To this end, we organize a Co-creation workshop with key experts in fields relevant to Citizen Science. The goal of this workshop is to co-define pivotal aspects of the organisation and activities of the Citizen Science Hubs. The core means for the workshop is to engage the key stakeholders of each region and to ensure substantial engagement of everyone involved.

The co-creation workshops will be broken down in four online sessions. The first three sessions will take place in June, whereas the final session will take place in September. It will be fully online through the use of two digital applications: Zoom and Mural.

What happens with the outcomes?
The outcomes of the Co-creation workshop are of vital importance to the next phases of INCENTIVE feeding the governance and operating models of each of the hubs as well as the pilots of each of the hubs.

Participants and observants
Each of the four universities has nominated approx. 5 key stakeholders in the regional ecosystem that represent the quadrats of the Quadruple Helix: academia, government, private sector and civil society. In addition, partners from the INCENTIVE project also will join the session as observers to get direct access to the process and outcomes of the session that are relevant for their share of the project. The observers may not influence the co-creation process.

The approach, organisation and moderation of the workshops is done by the DesignLab (University of Twente). The core team includes Janine Swaak who will moderate the Co-creation workshop, Maya van den Berg who is INCENTIVE programme manager and Jasper Häsler who provides technical support.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Co-creation sessions!

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