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Policymakers are often called to find a balance between innovation policies and choices that prioritise sustainability and citizens’ quality of life. These two aspects shall coexist in order to build a desirable future. To that end, Citizen Science is increasingly regarded as a democratic and inclusive way of doing science, with citizens and stakeholders becoming active players in the scientific process.

The INCENTIVE and TIME4CS projects have experimented in this direction over the last three years, supporting the institutionalisation of Citizen Science in a range of pilot Research Performing and Funding Organisations, through Citizen Science Hubs and Grounding Actions.

During the event, INCENTIVE and TIME4CS discussed their own policy reflections on institutional changes and challenges regarding the integration of Citizen Science in RPFOs and
RPOs, with the aim to increase their impact on policy level. The event was addressed primarily to a targeted number of EU policy stakeholders, but in order to increase impact and communicate some key results of the project (e.g., Policy Brief), it was open to public through virtual participation. Furthermore, the Policy event paved the way for the successful
organisation of the INCENTIVE Final Conference two months later.

Read the press release about the event here.


The complete agenda of the Roundtable can be found here.

Photos from the event can be found below.

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