On the 6th and 7th of March, 2023, the INCENTIVE partnership met in Milan, Italy, for the project’s fourth consortium meeting. It was the first physical meeting that partners had since the start of the new year. The meeting was organised and hosted by SDA Bocconi, which is the leader of the sustainability work package of the project, on the university’s premises. The event signaled the completion of two years of the project – which had kicked off in February 2021 – and therefore paved the way for the final phase of INCENTIVE, with the sustainability phase and the organisation of the upcoming Final Conference being widely discussed among partners.

During the 2-day meeting, all WP and task leaders had the chance to present in detail the work that they had done since July 2022, the results, challenges, and metrics. Particular attention was paid to the ongoing operation of Citizen Science Hubs. The four universities – UT, UAB, AUTH, and VGTU – gave a detailed account of the achievements and the next steps that entail capacity-building activities and workshops in the Hubs.

A substantial part of the meeting was devoted to the upcoming series of joint webinars with the sister project TIME4CS. The webinars will cover different themes about institutional barriers to Citizen Science in universities, and will run from April to July 2023. More information can be found here.

Partners also discussed the upcoming Final Conference of INCENTIVE, which is expected to take place in early winter 2023. More information will follow during the next weeks about the date and location of the event.

Overall, it was a successful meeting and we are glad that INCENTIVE is delivering its goals regarding the promotion of Citizen Science Hubs in the four pilot universities!

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