During 24-26 May 2023, INCENTIVE team members from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University participated in the eLearning Africa Conference and presented our project results to a wider international audience.

eLearning Africa Conference is a global network of professionals working in the field of ICT-supported education and training. It includes educators, trainers, technology specialists, policymakers, and investors. Since 2005, we have been sharing our knowledge and experience of technology-enhanced learning, ensuring that our network is now the largest professional community promoting African expertise and talent in education to the rest of the world, and a leading resource for the transfer of knowledge about eLearning within and to Africa.

On Friday, May 26, during the plenary session “Innovative Ways to Connect African School Children with Contemporary Research and Oral History”, dr. Aelita Skarzauskiene from VGTU had the opportunity to present INCENTIVE to participants. The session was led by Trina Angelone, from GlobalED, USA.

During the session, presenters explained how critical thinking can be developed by involving students in citizen science projects and how students can learn to solve problems in science and maths with the help of game-like, interactive computer simulations that connect students to real-life phenomena. The session also included a presentation on how to teach creativity by looking back and imagining what African ancestors imagined the future would be like in the absence of tech and books.

More than 1000 participants from 70 countries attended the conference in total, making it a truly international event.