About RadoNorm

RadoNorm is a Euratom research and training project that supports local communities and citizens to launch citizen science projects in the field of radon. For this, four pilot citizen science projects are developed and tested in France, Ireland, Norway, and Hungary. The results of the pilot projects will help to develop recommendations for empowering citizen science initiatives related to radon exposure.

RadoNorm pilot citizen science projects are included in the EU-citizen.science and Scistarted database.

These pilot initiatives will help to support the creation of a network of citizen science projects in different European countries. For this, RadoNorm will open a call and will invite any interested party (e.g. local communities, NGOs, universities, social civil groups, etc) to apply for funding to conduct a citizen science initiative on radon in their community. RadoNorm consortium partners and individuals cannot apply.

Open call for CS projects

RadoNorm has held two webinars to discuss the open call for funding citizen science projects: the first on 7 November 2022 (European Radon Day) and the second on 17 January 2023. Click on the links above to view the recordings. The deadline for the submission of citizen science project proposals is on 17 February 2023. If you are interested, please apply for funding before the deadline!

The project aims to support organisations in the public or private sectors (e.g. schools, local authorities, civic groups, SMEs, etc.) to launch or consolidate citizen science initiatives related to radon testing and/or radon mitigation in radon priority areas. It will provide funding for a six-month project alongside dedicated activities, resources, and tools to set up and run the project. The maximum amount of funding per project is 25,000 euros. You will have the chance to work together with RadoNorm researchers and professionals to tailor the support you need to achieve your goals.

Find here the guide for applicants and application forms.