INCENTIVE launches a global call to all Citizen Science stakeholders to join the recently established Network of Interest

In the framework of the INCENTIVE project, a Network of Interest has been set up by ECSA – the European Citizen Science Association. INCENTIVE is inviting you all to join and share among your network:

Visit and join the Network of Interest on LinkedIn here

What content you can expect: 

  • News and updates on the INCENTIVE Citizen Science Hubs.
  • News and updates on the projects of the Hubs.
  • Room for discussion, co-creation, learning, and sharing: ask questions το your peers, present an idea, or share invitations to your project events.
  • Information about INCENTIVE sister projects and related Citizen Science initiatives

The aim of NoI is to build a network of related Citizen Science projects and initiatives to stimulate discussion and exchange and create a mutually beneficial atmosphere of co-creation, mutual learning, and sharing of best practices.  

ECSA (European Citizen Science Association) is responsible for managing the NoI. Should you have any questions, you can reach out to Franziska Zibert: [email protected]